Lose weight in 12 weeks

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a scientifically formulated weight loss program that is personalised to each individual member.

The weekly meal plans on the program are higher protein, low GI which means you feel fuller for longer.

Research from the CSIRO shows that their meal plans are successful in maximising body fat loss without affecting your muscle mass. The average member loses 6% of body weight - but many lose more.

What's new and improved in 2018:

  • New Protein Balance eating plan helps boost craving control
  • Delicious new recipes and meals plans
  • Scientifically formulated by scientists at CSIRO
  • Convenience of losing weight online

Your exclusive CBHS member discount

As a CBHS member you get 15% off the 12 week membership which includes:

  • weekly higher protein, low GI meal plans
  • easy exercise plans
  • access to more than 1000 recipes

Total Wellbeing Diet Rebate

CBHS members holding any level of Extras cover are eligible for a rebate on their Total Wellbeing Diet program.

​To claim the rebate​, simply submit the invoice sent to you by CSIRO at the end of your program.

*The CSIRO name and logo and the marks TWD and Total Wellbeing Diet are trademarks of CSIRO and used under license.